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Newcastle Gaol
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Newcastle Gaol

Clinton Street, Toodyay, WA, 6566, Australia

Visit the Newcastle Gaol in TOODYAY ... and step into the era of Moondyne Joe, Western Australia's most famous bushranger. Less than an hour here can transport you back one hundred and fifty years! Enjoy the authentic surroundings and original artefacts...Have fun exploring the tiny cells...Wander through the old Police stables ...Retrace Toodyay's colourful past...will you discover some secrets?

Constructed using convict labour in the 1860s, the old Gaol is a stone and mortar building built in response to the repeated escapes made from the town's old lock-up by Moondyne Joe (Joseph Bolitho Johns), Western Australia's best known bushranger.

Visit the Newcastle Gaol Museum including Courtroom, Prison Cells, and Police Stables to discover a greater understanding of the nature of European Settlement of the region.

Newcastle Gaol will be closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day,New Years Day and Good Friday

Location: Clinton Street, Toodyay

Opening Times Monday - Friday: 10am - 3 pm

Weekends 10.00am-3.30pm

Admission Fees **

Adults: $3.00

Family pass (2 adults + 2 children): $10.00

Children under 6 yrs: free


Enquiries & Bookings:

Toodyay Visitor Centre

Tel: +61 08 9574 9380

Email: visitorscentre@toodyay.wa.gov.au Guided tour available (minimum 10 people) weekdays only (prior booking minimum 48 hrs essential)

Directions: Directions: By car from Toodyay Visitors Centre turn left along Stirling Terrace past Connors Mill. First left into Harper Street, go under the railway bridge and turn left at the T junction. Follow the road around a corner and go straight across the crossroads into Clinton Street. Newcastle Gaol is on your right with free parking beside and across the road.

By foot from Visitor Centre: Turn right on leaving the centre, follow the road around to the right and across the gravel carpark towards the railway station. Cross railway track and turn left on Anzac Ave, follow the road around the bend then continue across the crossroads into Clinton Street. Newcastle Gaol is on your right.

Our Opening Hours are Weekdays 10am-3pm, Weekends 10am - 3.30 pm. Newcastle Gaol will be closed on Wednesday 7th June, Thursday 8th June & Monday 12th June 2017 due to scheduled power outages, we apologise for the inconvenience.

Location Map