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Information about Toodyay


The Shire of Toodyay, bordering the north eastern edge of the Perth metropolitan area, spans an area of 1683 square kilometres and lays claims to some of the most magnificent examples of natural and cultural heritage in Western Australia.

The name Toodyay is believed to be derived from an Aboriginal word ‘Duidgee’ which means ‘Place of Plenty’, referring to the richness and fertility of the area and the reliability of the Avon River.

The townsite of Toodyay is located approximately 85 kilometres east of Perth in the picturesque Avon Valley.  Founded in 1836 and declared an historic town by the National Trust in 1980, the town today still displays fine examples of 19th century history, with architecture reflecting the early convict era.  Historic buildings include the Old Courthouse (Shire Administration Centre), the Mechanics’ Institute (Toodyay Library), Connors Mill and the Newcastle Gaol.  Connors Mill, a working display, and the Newcastle Gaol Museum are open to the public for a minimal admission fee.

Toodyay provides residents with quality retail outlets and services, such as bank and ATMs, post office, community resource centre, library, chemist, hardware, supermarket, garage, gift stores, bakery, hotels and cafes.  The town has first rate sporting facilities including bowling greens, tennis courts, equestrian and skate parks, as well as cricket, football and hockey fields.

Flowing through Toodyay is the beautiful Avon River on which the world’s longest white-water race, the Avon Descent, is held each year. The International Food Festival is held in conjunction with the Avon Descent on the Saturday at Stirling Park, Toodyay. Residents and visitors can enjoy a peaceful picnic at Toodyay’s Duidgee Park where there are barbeque facilities, children’s playgrounds, public toilets and a miniature railway.

Also located within the Shire are the Avon Valley National Park and numerous Reserves that become a blaze of colour with magnificent displays of wildflowers during the spring months. 

The Shire of Toodyay forms part of the Western Australia Wheatbelt region and a significant proportion of the land is used for agricultural activities, particularly sheep, cattle and grain. 

Extracts Industrial Park is located approximately 5km from Toodyay and currently accommodates various light industries.  A future industrial area has also been identified that will have the capacity to accommodate the future long term industrial needs of the Shire.

Tourism is a growing industry that has significant potential to expand, with visitors being attracted to the dramatic landscape, significant heritage values and country lifestyle.  There are many artisans in the region, as well as a wide selection of venues that offer quality accommodation.  The Toodyay Visitor Centre, with an online booking service, is the ideal source for obtaining information about places of interest.

The Shire of Toodyay continues to experience a migration of people from the Perth metropolitan area who are seeking an alternative semi-rural lifestyle, resulting in unprecedented demand for property and development.  With a commuter train service available, more people working from home and increasing numbers of fly in fly out workers in the mining industry, Toodyay is a popular location for people looking for an alternative lifestyle.

Toodyay - A Valley For All Seasons

Living History Walking offers a great opportunity to experience Toodyay's unique natural and cultural heritage first hand, This self guided walk through the historical townsite of Toodyay, set in the magnificent Avon Valley, takes you on a path of discovery of the towns rich history. 

Newcastle Gaol and Connors Mill, located in town serve as a museum and is a useful starting point for those interested in the history of the region. Step back in time and explore our rich heritage with 19th Century buildings and sites, many of which are classified by the National Heritage Trust.  The infamous bushranger Moondyne Joe roamed the hills around Toodyay in the 1860's and the town celebrates his exploits with the Moondyne Festival each spring. Calender of Events   

Outdoors in Toodyay 

Duidgee Park, situated on the banks of the Avon River is a popular park ideal for picnics with a large playground and toilet / barbecue facilities. Toodyay offers a variety of outdoor activities like archery, canoeing or visit an alpaca or emu farm. Stunning country gardens, and olive groves are scattered over the country side. Attractions & Activities    

Crafters Keepsake  

Toodyay has a wide range of resident artists whose stunning works can be viewed in galleries and local businesses.. Art     

Café & Restaurants

Toodyay is a perfect venue for day-trippers, tourists and motorcyclists. On most weekends the main street is lined with vintage cars and motorcyclists whose owners are enjoying a snack or meal at one of the many eateries situated on Stirling Terrace.  Food